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Ambermix diet for women and men

Women's diet:

100g country cottage cheese + 20g almond peanut butter + 25g Ambermix Lady Whey 1

125g smoked salmon + 50g avocado + vegetables

25g Protein Ambermix Whey 100% + 335g strawberry + 20g almond nut butter

105g turkey breast + 60g sweet potato + 100g apple + 13g linseed oil + vegetables - salad

15g rice wafers + 50g semi-fat curd + 15g peanut butter + 20g Ambermix Lady Whey 2 + 90g blueberries

Men's diet:

50h Ambermix Whey 100% + 40g almond peanut butter + apple

200g turkey fillet + 50g brown rice + vegetables + 20g linseed oil

300g cod + 50g barley groats + 20g linseed oil

4 eggs + 3 egg whites + 50g rice wafers + vegetables + 20g rapeseed

After training:

Women: 30g Amber Mix Isolate + 15g Ambermix BCAA

Men: 30g Ambermix Isolate + 30g Ambermix BCAA

Both diets use Amber Mix products as well as seasonal products during the summer :-)