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100% Whey Protein


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Anyone, who wants to join the best athletes has to think about his/her diet, which should be high in proteins. Whey Protein is the highest class of supplements existing on the market since a special attention is paid to production of high-quality products and the production process itself.

100% Whey Protein is a unique product made up of whey protein. Quick digestion and availability of biologically active compounds in the instant form together with a great taste are guaranteed.

100% Whey Protein is an ideal product for individuals striving to increase both the muscle mass and strength. In addition, 100% Whey Protein due to the highest quality of whey protein and reduced amount of fat and carbohydrates is also suitable for people who seek to reduce fatty tissue.

While 100% Whey Protein is in use, you always get a benefit. Whey protein in the instant form protects against catabolism and provides essential nutrients while increasing the intensity and effectiveness of your training. When you use this product, you will soon notice an increase in muscle mass and strength. 100% Whey Protein also helps to quickly absorb the body's biologically active compounds.

100% Whey Protein has a rich profile of amino acids, which are extremely important for our body. These proteins guarantee the effectiveness and complex support for the body during trainings.

100% Whey Protein‘s distinguishing feature is that it is well-soluble with a perfect texture and various flavors. Due to the quality and reliability of pure whey protein in a modern form, you will achieve faster results within less time.

Try out 100% Whey Protein.

1 serving (2 scoops): 30 g (23 g. PROTEIN / 113 CALORIES / 5.5 g BCAA/ 1.56 g. CARBOHYDRATES)

Use: Dissolve one serving of the product 30 g (2 scoops) in 200-300 ml of water or milk in shaker. Depending on your needs, take 2 – 3 servings daily.

Warnings: Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Do not use the product as substitute for a varied diet. Children, pregnant or nursing woman must not take the product. Keep out reach of children. Best before: See on the package. Keep this packaging in a dry place, at the temperature 15 -25 C. Keep out of direct sunlight.

100 g30 g(1 serving)
Energy value375 kcal/1558 kJ113 kcal/ 467.4 kJ
Fat4,5 g1.35 g
of which saturated fatty acid0,5 g0.15 g
Carbohydrate5,2 g1.56 g
of which sugar5,2 g1.56 g
Fibre0,8 g0.24 g
Protein77,2 g23.2 g
Salt0,5 g0.15 g
Amino acid profile 100 g
Alanine4,80 g
Arginine2.30 g
Aspartic acid10,75 g
Cysteine 2,20 g
Glutamic acid/Glutamine18,90 g
Tryptophan1,6 g
Glycine1,75 g
Histidine2,60 g
Isoleucine5,80 g
Leucine10,40 g
Lysine8,36 g
Tyrosine2,2 g
Methionine2,1 g
Phenylalanine3,07 g
Proline5,74 g
Serine5,00 g
Threonine6,75 g
Valine5,1 g

Ingredients: whey protein concentrate, cocoa (chocolate flavour), aroma, thickeners-guar gum, locust bean meal, emulsifier – lecithin, sweeteners-sucrose, acesulfate K, aromas, colouring agent: quinine yellow (for vanilla, cookies, bananaflavour), caramel powder (for caramel and chocolate flavour), red cochineal (for strawberry flavour). Quinine yellow, red cochineal – they can have detrimental effect on the activity and attention for children.


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