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Ambermix Multivitamins


Price: 9.79 € 13.99 €

3.8/5.0 Evaluation count: 16

Delivery to OMNIVA parcel machine 1.50 €
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Comprehensively and effectively. Yes Multivitamin from Ambermix cares about the health and well-being of each of us.

A comprehensive composition of vitamins and easily digestible minerals, which facilitates covering the body's needs with the necessary micro nutrients.

The excellent formula of Multivitamin from Ambermix will supplement the deficiencies of vitamins and minerals primarily for professional athletes who are exposed to numerous deficiencies due to their physical effort. The supplement will also positively affect the health condition of amateur sports people and even those who do not train every day.

Providing the optimal amount of vitamins will enable the proper functioning of the whole organism and also affect the efficiency and endurance. Along with sweat, we lose a lot of valuable vitamins and minerals, hence additional supplementation in the case of athletes is extremely important. The deficiency of micro nutrients makes it difficult to achieve your dream sports results. Micro nutrients play an important role: they help regenerate cells, produce red blood cells and protect against free radicals.

Multivitamin Ambermix contains all the most important vitamins and minerals, of which our body may be deficient. One serving covers 100% of the daily recommended intake per individual vitamin and also provides high amounts of important minerals.

Multivitamin Ambermix is addressed to daily and regular supplementation for all physically active people and: - to supplement vitamin and mineral deficiencies - suffering from states of fatigue, apathy and deterioration of the psychophysical condition, - in cases of irregular nutrition. - consuming drugs and various types of stimulants, - after diseases and during convalescence.

Practice. Work. Live. We will take care of the rest. Ambermix.

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