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Returns of the goods

Returns of improper quality goods

If quality of your received goods is not proper, or you received the wrong item (not the item that you had ordered), in accordance with the legislation system of the Republic of Lithuania, we are obliged to replace such an item with the item of good quality, or return the money which was paid by the Customer. In such cases, we cover all the shipping costs.

Returns of proper quality goods

According to the Lithuanian legislation system, proper quality goods can be returned if the Buyer contacts the Seller and claims for the return within 14 days from the day the them was sold. The Buyer covers all the shipping costs in case the proper quality goods are returned. When the proper quality goods are returned, they must meet the following requirements:

The item must be in the original undamaged packaging;

The item must be in a good condition and not damaged by the Buyer;

The item must remain intact (undamaged labels, having protective films etc.) (it does not apply when improper quality goods are returned);

The item must have the same set of items, which had been in the parcel before the Buyer received it.

In order to return proper or improper quality goods, please contact us by e-mail (indicating your order number, the reason of return and the list of goods to be returned) or by phone +370 681 66660.